Benchmark Sustainable Wealth Forum 2021 – Asset Management

The Benchmark Sustainable Wealth Forum is a knowledge exchange where industry leaders and winners of the Benchmark awards are featured.  The Forum covers the financial eco-system and discovers the inside out of the providers’ practices that lead to a more sustainable industry through responsible and ethical investing in protecting the investors across multiple generations.  The inaugural series covers the Winners at the Benchmark Wealth Management Awards and the Benchmark Fund of the Year Awards 2020.   The topics covered in the Asset Management Series include Investment Propositions, Sustainability, and ESG approaches, Investor Protection and Global Opportunities and Risks.

Sophia Li, Portfolio Manager of the FSSA’s Japan Equity Fund, speaks to the jurors on how FSSA leads in stewardship and responsible investment and how this award-winning manager successfully manages ESG quality without sacrificing returns in the talk of the town Japanese market. 

Paul Milon, the Head of Stewardship for the Asia Pacific at BNP Paribas,  talks to Benchmark jurors on how they achieve best practice stewardship while not sacrificing returns. The Provider of the Year will share their energy transition endeavor and create practical Sustainability impact across other asset classes.

Allen Lu, the First Vice President and Head of Quantitative and Index Investment at Fubon Asset Management in Taiwan, talks to Benchmark about how they secure nine Sustainability Awards and how they focus on Governance and Risk Management to stand out with their Corporate Governance 100 ETF.

Sam Kuo, the Portfolio Manager of the Global Innovative Tech Fund at Uni-President Asset Management, speaks to Benchmark about how they competed and won in the technology sector dominated by giant managers. The award-winning manager explains how to capture opportunities on the up and downstream of the sector.

Jonathan Curtis, the Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager at the Franklin Equity Group, speaks to Benchmark about its advantage over competitors in the technology market and how its unique ESG framework combines with qualitative KPIs to generate sustainable returns.

Doni Shamsuddin, the CEO at BNY Mellon Investment Management for this region, talks to Benchmark on how they unite the eight boutique firms under one umbrella to bring unique values to customers through their autonomous yet centralized principles that propelled their sustainability journey.