Benchmark Wealth Management Awards 2021 – Submission

Category: Impact Initiatives

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The impact initiatives measure the insurer's ability to create positive social or/and environmental value and have material exposure to businesses that address social or/and environmental challenges through their products and services. It should also prove that their investments are aligned with one or more U.N.'s Sustainable Development Goals (S.D.G.).
1. Is your firm a signatory to the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) or another responsible investing initiative? Please select only one response.
2. Commitment to responsible shareholding. Please select the statement(s) that describe your approach to stewardship. You may choose more than one statement where applicable:
3. Disclosures on voting: Please select the statements that describe your firm's practices related to voting. Some firms have varying disclosure levels for different policyholders types. Your answers to this question should reflect your disclosure to retail and high net worth policyholders and family offices. You may select more than one statement:
4. To what extent will ESG materiality factors influence the ultimate investment/divestment, overweight and underweight decisions? Would you please select only one response?
A. Environmental materiality factors
B. Social materiality factors
C. Governance materiality factors
7. Do you align your investment policies against the UNSDG, and what impact(s) do you target to achieve? Please select all that apply.
8. If your initiative is targeted to create environmental impact, please select all that apply in the environmental themes below.
9. If your initiative is targeted to create social impact, please select all that apply in the social themes below.
10. What is your primary approach to impact investment? Please select all statements that apply to you:
14. Does the firm have a statement or policy to promote equal opportunity and diversity?
15. Does the firm offer diversity training?
16. Does the firm have specific targets to improve equal opportunity and diversity?
17. Does the company disclose quantitative information on gender or ethinic minority employment?
18. Does the firm have any programs or initiatives in support of LGBTQIA+ rights?
20. Does the firm provide charitable donations or product/service accessibility initiatives?
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