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Mutual Funds and ETFs

1. I am booking packages for:
USD 1,250 per logo per year, including one-year logo licensing, one generic logo, and one trophy.
USD1,100 / year per logo that includes One-year logo licensing
4. Social Media Campaign
One month of Linkedin promotion, including production, copywriting, blog development,SEO-friendly keywords, Linkedin Impression boost, tagging for redistribution, and monthlyreporting. The video production comes with a congratulatory endorsement by Benchmark'sCEO, a fireside chat with a senior executive facilitated by a juror on the committee, filming,editing to five bite-size segments.
5. Benchmark Asset Management Gap Analysis Report 2021
Over 4,000 Individuals, including decision-makers, affluent individuals with a minimum USD 100 000 liquid assets, and employees with a minimum monthly income meeting the MPFA requirement. A comprehensive report and a digital dashboard including the market landscape, peer comparison, S.W.O.T. analysis of existing customers and potential customers, year-on-year comparison and analysis, and much more...
6. Exclusive Company Kiosk
4. Trophy Delivery Service
HK Island and Kowloon: US$50
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