Income Partners Asset Management

James Hu, PhD

Executive Director, Senior Portfolio Manager

James Hu joined Income Partners investment team in early 2014 as Portfolio Manager. His work concentrates on mainly onshore RMB (“CNY”)/ offshore RMB (“CNH”) related investment, including portfolio management of the Firm’s RQFII onshore CNY bond fund, the offshore CNH Investment Grade bond strategy, and CNY rates derivatives trading. Currently, also a member of the Investment Committee. He also covers Asian USD credit bonds issued by Greater China issuers.

James’ role is to closely monitor China's macro-economic trend as well as Central Bank policies and decisions. He formulates trading ideas based on comprehensive analysis of liquidity, demand-supply, credit and rates movement.

With a strong statistical and mathematical background, James builds and develops time series and regression models which help him predict economic data and discover trading opportunities.

Prior to Income Partners, James worked as a CNY rates trader at Citibank (China) Head Office, where he focused on onshore bond, derivatives trading, and also traded G7 FX and G3 rates. He has served as one of People’s Bank of China's Open Market Operation prime dealers and interbank bond market makers and he maintains in-depth relationships with onshore regulators and market participants.

James holds a PhD degree in statistics from Yale University (2010) and a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (2004). He speaks Mandarin, English and Cantonese.