Submission Portal for Benchmark Fund of the Year Awards 2021

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Submission IDRegionUniverseAward type
F01001Hong KongMutual FundHouse AwardsCredit FocusView-Enter Portal
F01002Hong KongMutual FundHouse AwardsLong/Short EquityView-Enter Portal
F01003Hong KongMutual FundHouse AwardsPillar 5: Corporate Responsibility & StrengthView-Enter Portal
1/ The Submission Deadline is December 5, 2022 for House awards and December 23, 2022 for Sustainability awards.
2/ Performance Data Period is between 1 July 2021 and 30 June 2022.
3/ Submission status is updated daily at 6pm.
4/ If cross-departmental participation is required, you can use the "Save and Continue Later" and follow the instructions for sharing.
5/ You can submit multiple revisions before the deadline, but the latest submission shall prevail.