BWMA Judging – Ad of the Year

Dear fellow Jurors, 

Thank you for offering your precious time in helping to assess the candidates' products and brands.  

Before Scoring, please read this first:-

  1. Everything is on one page now, so you don't have to search from different folders, and the scorecard is on the right so that you can scroll along when you're finished with one pillar and go to the next.  
  2. As always, your written comments, whether pillar by a pillar or one overall comment, are highly appreciated and would help the candidates become better.
  3. If you are joining our CEO at the Rebuttal Session, please save Scoring until after the session so that you can clarify all the questions you may have before giving them a final score.
  4. Unfortunately, you cannot save the progress of the scorecard, so once you've started judging for a company, you would need to finish that company's scoring.  You can come back to judge for another company later.