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Consumer Ratings

The Consumer Scores are based on 2,500 independent and unbiased affluent insurance customers of Hong Kong and Mainland Visiting Customers from the BENCHMARK 2020 Insurance Survey that includes 450+ metrics over four pillars of satisfaction. The Overall score is an aggregated score of the four pillars.

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Better Than Most

Overall Score out of 100%

Product Satisfaction

Better Than Most

Measures the satisfaction level of advisory, pre, and post-sale care, suitability, advocacy, and retention. A higher percentage means more satisfaction.

Cost of Product

The Rest

Measures whether the product is reasonably priced, the cost of product and fees, and the value-for-money perception. Newer products tend to have higher scores.

Satisfaction on R.O.I.


Policyholders' satisfaction considering what each dollar can buy, including claims frequencies and coverages, rewards on no claims, leverage ratios, and bonuses.

Product Innovation

Better Than Most

Customers' experiences in the product's ongoing renewal, new features, flexibility in terms, yields, and value-creation to their overall financial planning goals.


Expert Reviews

This product has been reviewed by five industry veterans | December 2020

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A solid product in line with current market requirements with substantial benefits, such as the Oncology second opinion and the comprehensive approach to customer care, including prevention and rehabilitation support, is outstanding.  The shortened waiting period for recurrence of Cancer is a very nice feature.

Excellent value for money with a very high leverage ratio and multiple claims coverages. The excellent use of digital “Emma” and “AXA BetterMe” saves customers time and enhances needs forecast.    Very good to see AXA growing the Critical Illness pie rather than taking market shares from their competitors, indeed.

BENCHMARK Award Winner - Critical Illness


Product Feature
Needs Alignment
Customer Care
Value For Money

Corporate Sustainability Performance

As of December 2020, AXA’s financial rating has remained strong and stable: “AA-” (Stable Outlook; as of 16 Mar 2020) by Standard & Poor’s, “Aa3” by Moody’s (Stable Outlook; as of 5 Apr 2019) and “AA-” by Fitch (Stable Outlook; as of 5 Apr 2019).

The Group integrates ESG into the investment policy of the Participating funds and has a specifically high score in Human Rights and Labor Rights under the UN Global Compact Principles.

Financial Ratings
Environmental Score
Social Score
Governance Score
Global Compact Score

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