Grand Awards – Special Committee Voting Form

Voting Guideline: 

To select your winners, please consider the following:-

  1. Click on the Winning Summary button next to each category to see a consolidated scorecard for the shortlisted candidates.  All candidates MUST have entered one or more of a “submission-based" category to be eligible as a Grand Award nominee
  2. The diversification of winnings between their submissions to House, Capability, and Sustainability categories, and their success ratios
  3. For quantitative winnings, please consider their locally eligible funds vs. their winnings
  4. Your overall experience as a client, investor, distributor with the providers is walking their talks
  5. Your overall experience during this competition, including the quality and sincerity of their submissions and presentations at The Gatekeeper Forum

Important Notice – The information contained in this voting form is private and confidential and may also be legally privileged.  If you are not the intended recipient, please notify us immediately by email.

Voting Deadline: January 19, 2022

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We have shortlisted three companies with the highest aggregated scores throughout the journey for your consideration. Please rank them by moving the company field up and down, with the top rank being the Most Preferred Winner.
  • First Sentier Investors
  • BNP Paribas
  • Fullerton
Please rate up to Three companies from 'First Preference' being your Most Preferred Winner. You may consider factors such as service standards, marketing support, delivering as promised, branding effort, consumer brand awareness, putting client interests before revenues, etc.
First PreferenceSecond PreferenceThird Preference
BNP Paribas
First Sentier Investors
Ninety One
Can you please tell us the importance of these qualities when selecting a Mutual Fund over the next four quarters? A consolidated report will be shared with all the contributors to this question
Most ImportantImportantNeutralLess ImportantLeast Important
Consistent alpha
3Y and 5Y risk-adjusted returns
Lower downside volatility than peers
Portfolio resilience in stressed markets
Portfolio liquidity management
Investment team: Low turnover
Client service: Timely information on material events
Unconstrained portfolio
Concentrated, high-conviction portfolio
Fees (annual, performance and/or redemption): Below peer average
ESG integration into investment process
Distributor retrocession: Better than peer average
Brand name
On-the-ground support
Size and AUM
Unique strategies
Transparency and Reporting

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