Manulife Asia Pacific Bond Fund Units Class A


The Manulife Asia Pacific Bond Fund invests in a diversified portfolio of debt securities issued by countries or institutions in the Asia Pacific to generate stable income and long-term capital appreciation.

The Manager has a clear value proposition and process and a robust Asia Pacific network of credit analysts and investment professionals.

The portfolio is restricted to investment-grade bonds with an average of 60-74 holdings in the past three years, and weighting is determined by individual bond and portfolio liquidity, correlation, and potential risk-adjusted returns.

The fund demonstrates robust ESG processes, including a proprietary Asian fixed-income ESG internal risk rating framework, cross-checked with third-party data providers. Each issuer approved for investment must be subject to a complete ESG report analysis by Manulife credit analysts. Engagement with investees/potential investees was once a month, and information was disclosed on the website.

The average annual portfolio turnover rate has been 0-20%. Each security's weighting is based on the security's liquidity, the correlation with other securities in the portfolio, and the potential risk-adjusted returns relative to other securities in the portfolio. The analyst turnover rate is 15-20% and is somewhat high.

The fund has delivered moderate outperformance with net returns of more than 0-50 basis points above the benchmark on a 3Y, 5Y, 7Y, and 10Y period.

This fund has been reviewed by three industry veterans of the Benchmark judging committee.


House Awards: Asia Fixed Income
Taiwan – Best-In-Class


ISIN: TW000T2724A0
Inception Date: 12/09/2009
AUM: –
Manager Name: Chien Chin Wang
Total Expense Ratio: –
3-Yr Return: –
3-Yr Max Drawdown: –

ESG Score: 50.90
GC Score: 57.48
Near-Term Score(<=2°C): 62.65%
Business Involvement:
Alcohol Involvement: 0.00%, …

Investment Style Consistency: 5.00
Environmental Consequence: 5.00
Stewardship – Engagement: 4.44

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Email Address: –

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