Ninety One Global Strategy Fund SICAV - Global Multi-Asset Income Fund -A-Inc-2- Distribution


The Ninety One Global Multi-Asset Income Fund is an income-orientated, global multi-asset Fund that has achieved consistent returns, including an annual distribution yield.

The fund's investment process is a blend of top-down allocation and bottom-up security selection, typically split 30% in equities, 60-65% in fixed-income, and less than 10% in property and infrastructure. The strategy incorporates sophisticated risk management across the portfolio, including currency hedges, managing duration, and equity derivatives. During the 2020 market correction, we saw impressive active downside protection that allowed the portfolio to recover strongly through the use of equity call options and hedging.

The Manager has ESG considerations integrated into the investment process whereby each investment's ESG profile must be assessed to be adequately reflected in its valuation. Besides, a dedicated ESG team of nine professionals in South Africa and London leads engagement efforts across the firm.

This fund has been reviewed by three industry veterans of the Benchmark judging committee

House Awards: Conservative Mixed Asset
Hong Kong – Best-In-Class
Singapore – Best-In-Class


ISIN: LU0953506580
Inception Date: 05/31/2013
AUM: USD 2081330036.07
Manager Name: John Stopford, 25/07/2011; Jason Borbora-Sheen, 28/02/2019
Total Expense Ratio: –
3-Yr Return: 12.92%
3-Yr Max Drawdown: -7.51%

ESG Score: 56.07
GC Score: 59.47
Near-Term Score(<=2°C): 59.68%
Business Involvement:
Alcohol Involvement: 2.62%, …

Investment Style Consistency: 5.00
Environmental Consequence: 5.00
Stewardship – Engagement: 4.44

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