Ninety One Global Strategy Fund SICAV - Global Franchise Fund -A- Capitalisation


Manager of the Year in the Global Equity category goes to Clyde Rossouw, Co-Head of Quality and portfolio manager of the Global Franchise Fund at Ninety One.

Clyde has been with Ninety One for over 20 years and is a highly experienced multi-asset manager with a distinctive focus on low volatility actual returns.

The fund is large (over $6.7billion) and has been going since 2009, focusing on high quality, large caps typically associated with global brands or franchises, and has been a consistent outperformer. It is unrestricted by size or industry or the portfolio's geographical makeup, although it is predominately invested in the USA and Europe.

The investment philosophy is to select best-of-breed companies at reasonable valuations after in-depth proprietary, fundamental research. There is also a keen focus on the long-term sustainability of each company's business model, which ties in with Ninety One's longstanding commitment to ESG and SRI.

This fund has been reviewed by four industry veterans of the Benchmark judging committee.

Sustainability Awards: Global Equity
Hong Kong – Temperature Alignment – Best-In-Class

Manager Awards: Global Equity
Hong Kong – Manager of the Year
Singapore – Manager of the Year


ISIN: LU0426412945
Inception Date: 07/04/2009
AUM: USD 8107154335.59
Manager Name: Clyde Rossouw, 08/12/2011
Total Expense Ratio: –
3-Yr Return: 53.49%
3-Yr Max Drawdown: -14.36%

ESG Score: 59.38
GC Score: 58.72
Near-Term Score(<=2°C): 69.79%
Business Involvement:
Alcohol Involvement: 0.00%, …

Investment Style Consistency: 5.00
Environmental Consequence: 2.50
Stewardship – Engagement: 4.21

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