Global X China Consumer Brand ETF


The Global X China Consumer Brand ETF is a passive index ETF seeking to replicate the Solactive China Consumer Brand Index NTR's performance.

This innovative ETF gives physical exposure to the growing China consumer theme and is the only such type of ETF listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.

The underlying Solactive China Consumer Brand Index represents companies in China with relevant short-term revenue growth, where the brand name is of vital importance for the consumer. This ETF provides a proposition with exposures to companies and industries with high growth potentials in China, coupled with a carefully selected smart beta overlay to control investors' risk by reducing index and ETF return volatility.

To best match the Index, those companies with the highest or lowest short-term revenue growth are excluded to reduce volatility and unnecessary turnover in index constituents.

The ETF was relatively new, having launched in January 2020, but the Smart beta overlay principle is clear and straightforward to replicate the specified Index effectively. The Manager has between five and ten years of experience managing similar ETFs such as the Global X China Electric Vehicle ETF. Since its launch, assets under management have increased by more than 30% to US$78.4 million.

The expense ratio is good, at approximately 20 basis points below average and an average bid-ask spread of between 0.25% -0.5% with at least two market makers.

The ETF to date has been a consistent index tracker with an R^2 of greater than 85%.

This Fund has been reviewed by three industry veterans of the Benchmark judging committee.

House Awards: Smart Beta ETF
Hong Kong – Outstanding Achiever


ISIN: HK0000562634
Inception Date: 01/16/2020
AUM: HKD 1114073880.78
Manager Name: –
Total Expense Ratio: 0.68%
3-Yr Return: –
3-Yr Max Drawdown: –

ESG Score: 55.36
GC Score: 51.64
Near-Term Score(<=2°C): 36.38%
Business Involvement:
Alcohol Involvement: 21.50%, …

Investment Style Consistency: –
Environmental Consequence: –
Stewardship – Engagement: –

Contact Details:

Company Website: –

Name: –

Title: –

Contact Number: –

Email Address: –

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