Gatekeeper Forum

The Gatekeeper Forum is a highly curated platform that connects both the buy and sell-side of funds and empowers gatekeepers from Private Banks, Institutions, Foundations, Single and Multi-Family Offices to look under the hood before they invest, and is part of the judging process of the Benchmark Fund of the Year Award. 

The interaction between senior fund house representatives and our jurors can reveal the underlying idea generation and philosophy of the contesting strategies from multiple perspectives, particularly from a qualitative and ESG perspective. 

Only the PM, CIO, or Product Specialists are invited to meet the gatekeepers in person.  The gatekeepers will be provided with the submissions, the independent financial performance reporting provided by Morningstar, and the sustainability performance by BlueOnion.  During the 30-minute session, 3-5 judges will ask in-depth questions along the five critical pillars to further understand team practices.