Benchmark Sustainable Wealth Forum 2021 – MPF

The Benchmark Sustainable Wealth Forum is a knowledge exchange where industry leaders and winners of the Benchmark awards are featured.  The Forum covers the financial eco-system and discovers the inside out of the providers’ practices that lead to a more sustainable industry through responsible and ethical investing in protecting the investors across multiple generations. The inaugural series covers the Winners at the Benchmark MPF of the Year Awards 2020.   The topics covered in the MPF and Pension Series include Retirement Planning, Investment Propositions, Trustee Fiduciary Duties, Sustainability and ESG approaches, Investor Protection, and Global Opportunities and Risks.

Ka Shi Lau, BBS, Managing Director, and CEO of BCT Group, speaks to Elsa Pau on the fiduciary duties of MPF Trustees on manager selection and monitoring.  The MPF Provider of the Year will share the secret on corporate governance, risk management, a unique client servicing approach, and digitization.  

Ronald Chan, Chief Investment Officer in Asia (ex-Japan) Equity from Manulife, speaks to Benchmark on Global market opportunities and risks. The award-winning manager will also share how the proprietary analysis framework brings value to investors and how ESG is integrated into the process.