Singapore: Manager Of The Year-Asia Fixed Income

Dear fellow Jurors, 

Thank you for offering your precious time in helping to assess the candidates’ strategies.

Before Scoring, please read this first:-

  1. Would you please make sure you have your Judging ID put on to each scorecard?  Your ID is next to your name on your private portal. 
  2. We have prepared comparison data for each pillar so that you can see everything at a glance among the candidates.  We encourage you to refer to the compartment while you’re judging the respective pillar.
  3. Everything is on one page now, so you don’t have to search from different folders, and the scorecard is on the right so that you can scroll along when you’re finished with one pillar and go to the next.
  4. As always, your written comments, whether pillar by a pillar or one overall comment, are highly appreciated and would help the candidates become better.
  5. If you are joining us at The Gatekeeper Forum, please save Scoring until after the session.
  6. Unfortunately, you cannot save your work for later, and therefore, once you’ve started scoring a company, you’ll have to finish.  You can come back later to score for another company later.  
  7. You DO NOT have to score Pillar 5  again after giving your score once to the same company during judging.  
  8. For categories with more than 3 participants, please select a minimum of three candidates whom you think are worthy of your time and whom you think should be on the top 3 for the Best-in-Class title for scoring and comments.  Your shortlisting basis could be based on return performance, ESG or other indicators you feel are most important.  The button “COMPARE STRATEGIES” on the category page will give you the quantitative data you need for comparisons over the four pillars.

Pillar 1. Agility

To examine the manager's ability to respond to challenging issues quickly and effectively to opportunities and threats

Pillar 2. Style

To examine the manager's ability to stay true to their style and conviction to achieve outstanding outcome

Pillar 3. Leadership

To examine how the manager empower the team and advocating an open platform for innovative ideas

Pillar 4. Stewardship

To examine the manager’s commitment to ESG and the implementation of responsible investing principles



Nigel Foo , Head of Asia Fixed Income
First Sentier Investors
Category: Asia Fixed Income & MOY


  1. Mah Ching Cheng, Fund Advisory | Vice President Investment Products and Solutions, UOB Private Bank
  2. Simon Liu, Senior Investment Manager, St. James’s Place Wealth Management Group